Renee Lowe:
Owner, Herbalist, Iridologist, Reiki Master

Renee Lowe has her formal degree in Anthropology from Kennesaw State University, but began her career as an Herbalist more than 7 years ago. Having taken supplements and frequented health food stores from childhood, the turn toward alternative health as a career seemed natural to her. After working closely with a long-time friend and fellow Herbalist where she expanded her knowledge-base and received her Iridology training, Renee opened Herbal Intentions in 2005. She then received her formal Reiki training over the following two years and is currently a Reiki Master in the Usui System.A self-professed “geek” in regards to her work, her passion for research and education has led her to incorporate this into the scope of what Herbal Intentions offers to its customers…information and customer service from the heart. Renee is available on-site for herbal questions and consultations as well as for Iridology appointments and Ancestral Health and Wellness consultations. She also currently teaches all levels of the Usui Reiki system and offers session work by appointment. She has experience and a history of public speaking and is available for engagements and workshops on a variety of topics in the herbal and alternative health field by request.

Jennifer Bauer has been practicing since 2006 when she graduated from Medix Medical College with honors. She is certified in Shiatsu, Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage. Jennifer has a true passion for her craft and a desire to help others so intense that she is continually seeking additional training and special certifications to enhance her abilities to do so. To that end she has specialized in working with Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Joint Replacements, Sciatica, Specialized Oncology Work and Contraindications and Meeting the Needs of Elderly Clients. Jennifer is a gold member in good standing with the American Massage Therapy Association and has a Reiki Level One Certification as well. Her goal with everyone she works with is to use trained touch to help guide the body in healing itself and to improve quality of life by encouraging better range of motion and flexibility. Release, Reposition and Strengthen is her motto! Jennifer is currently available by appointment on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Herbal Intentions, though additional days can be accommodated as well by request.

Kristina Van Buskirk has always been influenced by her love of natural healing and energy work. She started studying Usui Reiki under Renee Lowe in 2006 and finished her master level training in 2013. She began her training in natural skincare at the International School of Skin, Nailcare, & Massage Therapy and has been a practicing esthetician and skin therapist since 2014. Kristina seeks to provide her clients with the most natural options for their skin in a relaxing environment while imparting a deeper understanding for the importance of their skin types particular needs.

Karin Thomas began practicing yoga in the late 90’s and has studied with teachers from many parts of the world, including yoga masters and Ayurvedic practitioners in India, Buddhist monks, and Appalachian herbalists. Karin loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for the healing power within us and around us.

Hillery Berteaux is a Reiki Practitioner who also specializes Ancient Mayan Energy Modalities. Hillery strives to create a comfortable, nurturing environment and custom-designs each Reiki Session to meet individual needs. Hillery, seeks to provide an experience of deep relaxation and peace of mind and spirit with every Reiki session. She is available by appointment at Herbal Intentions on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.